Occupational Therapist

Stella is dedicated to providing exceptional, holistic care that prioritises the well-being and long-term progress of individuals. She brings a versatile skillset to the role and thrives working within the community setting where she can witness and work with people engaging in their true occupations, in their everyday and ‘real life’ settings.


Stella has a unique understanding of the significance of family-centred therapy, and particularly values the impact of working closely with family members, carers and support teams.


Her approach is characterised by empathy, and a natural ability to form warm and genuine connections, ensuring individuals feel heard and supported on their journey to engaging in all the things they want to, need and are required to do.


Stella specialises working with:

clients of all ages from birth, childhood, youth through to retirement

recognises and seeks to understand the unique challenges and needs of each client

clients with a diverse range of support needs

tailoring therapy to the individual needs of each client, providing meaningful interventions


When not working, Stella loves being surrounded by her family and friends, including her furry friends Lorrie and Judy who bring her a whole lot of joy. She loves getting away to the beach for a breath of sea air or heading out for a walk in nature.


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