Our Occupational Therapists help individuals to thrive and shine in their essential and chosen daily activities. We accomplish this by using an all-round and comprehensive approach, focusing on the goals that are meaningful, important and of value to our clients.  


Some of the ways we can do this are by adapting tasks and environments, supporting our clients and care teams to develop their skills, and by recommending equipment and resources to make a task easier or safer to perform.  


Our dedicated team see beyond a diagnosis and deliver authentic and genuine support.


View our complete suite of services below.

Ongoing Occupational Therapy Sessions

Our therapeutic sessions aim to develop skills, self-belief and fulfilment and are individualised for every client to feel safe, valued and genuinely supported.

Functional Capacity Assessments

A comprehensive assessment of an individual’s functional abilities to ensure clients have the right level of support and NDIS funding for their needs.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) Assessments

For clients with complex needs who may require 24/7 care or Supported Independent Living funding packages via the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Assistive Technology, Aids and Equipment

Assessment of client function and needs, liaising with providers and exploring equipment options, trials and reports to the appropriate funding body.

Supervision and Consultation

We are passionate about supporting Occupational Therapists and other health professionals through clinical supervision, mentoring and coaching.

Coaching & Education for Families & Caregivers

We work in partnership with clients’ families, carers and paid supports to draw upon their expert knowledge and experience to develop solutions together.

Behavioural Supports

Improve quality of life, increase skills, and reduce or eliminate harmful behaviours, including those that interfere with engagement, learning and relationships. 




Our experienced Occupational Therapists offer Clinical supervision, mentoring and coaching to Occupational Therapists and other health professionals.  


Our team has a wealth of experience in navigating the NDIS, Disability, Health and Child Safety worlds and are passionate about supporting professionals to become their most skilled, resilient and fulfilled version of themselves.  


At the core of our practice is supporting people to Do, Be, Become and Belong…..and that includes our fellow health professionals and providers in the local and wider community. With a focus on connection in our work, we support you to develop skills to fulfil your client needs, your career development needs, and to be present and thrive within your work.  


We also offer consultation to organisations and tailor-made staff training, supporting sensory modulation and emotional regulation needs for clients. 


All of our supervision, consultation services and training services are available in person (Brisbane area) or remotely. 

To discuss how Helen Walker Occupational Therapy can support you and help with your appointment booking, please get in touch 


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