What is Occupational Therapy?

Our Occupational Therapists help individuals to thrive and shine in the activities (or ‘Occupations’) that they want to, have to or need to do. We do this by using an all-round and comprehensive approach, focusing on the goals that are meaningful and important/valued to our clients.  


Some of the ways we can do this are: by adapting tasks and environments, supporting our clients and care teams to develop their skills, and by recommending equipment and resources to make a task easier or safer to perform.  


The Occupational Therapist supports that we provide are vast and diverse in nature. These can include but are not limited to: learning how to move, play and make friends as a child; developing independence, personal care and self-care skills; learning how to manage anxiety and mental health needs; developing skills to be able to work or engage in sports; developing routines and organisation skills; managing regulation needs and improving ability to sleep. 

Cost for services

The cost for all services with Helen Walker Occupational Therapy follows the NDIS price guide. This includes self and privately funded (pay as you go) clients. Our service delivery rate is $193.99 per hour as follows: 


  • Direct therapy and assessment session times are usually 50mins, with an additional 10mins for planning and follow up (billed at one hour). Sessions may sometimes be longer, or shorter in duration to suit your client needs. 


  • As a mobile service, travel is charged in addition to the therapy rate based on your location. Travel is charged at the same rate of $193.99 per hour, for up to 30mins in each direction. Only actual travel is billed and appointments are booked where possible to reduce travel costs.  


  • Additional charges apply for non-face-to-face services. These include writing reports and letters, creating resources, exploring Assistive Technology (AT), liaising with care teams and family members, phone consultations and advice, correspondence. Services are charged pro rata at the rate of $193.99 per hour.  


If you have any queries on what you may pay to access services, or require a travel quote based on your individual circumstances, please contact our friendly admin team: 0493 089393 | 


Privately funded clients may contact us directly to discuss their additional travel requirements and associated costs.

Payment options

Helen Walker Occupational Therapy provides services to: 

  • NDIS clients (self and plan managed) 
  • Self and privately funded clients, on a pay as you go basis for each service 
  • Private Cover: If you have private health insurance, you may be eligible to receive a rebate on the services we provide. Please refer to your policy or consult with your health fund provider to find out more. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes life doesn’t go to plan and unexpected things can happen. 


We kindly ask that you give us 2 clear business days’ notice if you are unable to attend or need to reschedule your appointment. Cancellations within the 2 clear business days’ period will incur a 100% cancellation fee.  


Whilst we attempt to accommodate changes when able, we have a strong commitment to offer appointments to other clients in need and thank you for your understanding.  

Where are Occupational Therapist sessions delivered?

We are a mobile service and deliver all of our direct Occupational Therapy services in community locations. This gives us the most accurate assessment of your needs and enables us to plan for realistic and beneficial supports – for where and how you need them most.  


Examples can include: in your home; Supported Independent Living accommodation, childcare setting, school, day service provider, shopping centre, vacation-care, park, equipment supplier or other identified community settings.  


We can also provide support by Telehealth or telephone call consults as needed.  


Please note service delivery within education, childcare and provider settings are dependent upon consent and terms of that service. You may need to liaise to check the providers consent for Occupational Therapy services to be delivered on their premises. 


What Geographic areas do we service?

Helen Walker Occupational Therapy is a mobile service operating primarily across the Southern suburbs and South of Greater Brisbane, QLD.  


Our service delivery area currently includes city suburbs (incorporating inner North city suburbs), Redland Bay locations, travel west to Forest Lake and travel South to Browns Plains areas.  You can view our service area map here.


Please contact our support team directly for enquiries regarding service delivery outside of this area, or to discuss our specific coverage.  

Can we contribute to your Positive Behaviour Support Plan?

Behaviour supports are provided in close consultation and partnership with your Behaviour Support Practitioner. Within the NDIS scheme Helen Walker Occupational Therapy can provide this service through ‘Improved Daily Living’ funding. 


We are able to provide consultation and assessment for contribution to Positive Behaviour Support Plans. This includes trial and recommendation of strategies and assistive technology; completing sensory, functional and pragmatic assessments; building understanding of opportunities for connection and communication in reducing behaviours, education and support to families, carers and teams in implementing strategies.  


Please note Helen Walker Occupational Therapy does not compile Positive Behaviour Support Plans and is not currently registered for delivery of NDIS supports under the ‘Improved Relationships’ category.  


What happens during my first Occupational Therapy session?

Your Occupational Therapist will spend time getting to know what is important and meaningful to you; spending time discussing your needs and goals, abilities, and any requirements you may have, e.g., specific assessments/reporting. 


Your therapist may ask to look at the areas in your home and the community that you regularly access, to observe your strengths and difficulties during tasks within these environments.  They may wish to observe your child/client interacting with their usual and familiar activities, games, toys, routines, etc. 


You may wish your first Occupational Therapy session to be delivered with you alone or with a family member/friend or carer present to support you. If you are the family member/carer (with guardianship) you may wish your initial therapy appointment to be completed without the client present to enable an open discussion of needs. Otherwise follow up appointments/telephone consultations can be arranged to provide this opportunity.  


If you have any relevant reports that you would like to share with your Occupational Therapist, please provide these to us either during your initial appointment, or via email prior to or following this.  These can be sent to Our clinicians can review these as part of their clinical intervention. 


Please discuss your first session needs with our admin team. 

Why Choose Helen Walker Occupational Therapy?

At Helen Walker Occupational Therapy our philosophy is to assist you (or your family member/client) to do, be and become your truest self. Our committed team see beyond a diagnosis and deliver authentic and genuine supports. 


Our clients benefit from:  

  • Personalised, tailor-made services that are delivered with sincere warmth and care 
  • Dedicated, experienced Occupational Therapists who excel at delivering high standards of intervention 
  • Occupational therapists with specialist skill sets and extensive experience 
  • Occupational Therapists who work within their areas of experience and passions. We strive to match therapist skills to find the best fit for client needs 
  • Working in partnership with your family/loved ones, service providers and whole care team to ensure the best outcomes for the client, active communication and consistency of approaches 
  • Our clinicians seek to fully understand difficulties, concerns and all potential contributors, in order to find long-term and sustainable solutions 
  • Our Occupational Therapists are experienced and highly competent working with clients across various agencies and systems; including Disability Services, Health, Child Safety, Public Guardian, Justice, Education, and Department of Housing 
  • An established and extensive network of local providers, suppliers and professionals who we work in partnership with to enable you to have consistency, communication amongst providers and the optimal results of a ‘care team’ 
  • Low clinician caseloads so that clients can receive timely services, and feel heard, seen , and supported 
  • Our ongoing commitment to professional development and learning to ensure we provide you with the most up to date and evidence-based services 
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